If you are planning a catering order, the following FAQ’s may help you when ordering:

  • Do we deliver? Absolutely. Ask manager about delivering costs, times, etc.
  • Can you handle large events? Of course! Can’t think of any size groups too large!!
  • Do you provide eating utensils, cups, etc.? Yes – ask about cost when ordering.
  • Do you have a separate catering menu for pizza? No – We use our menu list prices and sizes.
  • Do you have serving utensils for your pasta and salad dishes? Absolutely. Salads come with tongs and spoons/ladels for dressing. Pastas have serving spoons.
  • Are deposits required? Some locations may require a deposit to confirm a reservation.

If considering pizza as part of your catering order, remember:

  • The large deep dish is cut into 10 slices and feeds 5 adults.
  • 17″ thin crust pizza is sliced into a grid and has 24 pieces; it feeds about 5, too!

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    Served with breadsticks and a choice of Marinara or Meat sauce
    Served with breadsticks
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    Served with choice of dressing

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